Unusual wedding venues

Finding a wedding venue is often on top of a couple’s To-Do list but finding something that fits your needs, the number of guests and your budget is already a big nut to crack. The time when a simple hotel and in-house caterer did the trick is long gone and couples now look to add their personal touch of stubbornness or authenticity to their day and venue. Finding something unique isn’t easy, but … not impossible either! We’ve selected a couple of wedding venues that take a bit of thinking outside the box but will guarantee you a unique, unforgettable experience!


Back to school

If you like the idea of nostalgia, there are quit of lot of things you could put together yourself in order to make this day stand out. How about getting married at your former college, university of even primary school? Talking about a time warp! Decorate the “venue” in a colorful or vintage style that matches the decade and to top it off, invite one of your favourite teachers!

The Tree House

Yes! It is possible to get married in a tree house! If this will not remind your guests of their childhood, we don’t know what will! Of course, a tree house does not cater for 200 guests so especially suited for cozy, intimate weddings! Next to Loch Goil in Scotland, the Lodge for example is a perfect location venue!

Edgy Urban

Art Gallery

If you are kinda artsy, and if “I do” amidst a couple of master pieces will make your day, correction, your year the best ever, you might want to consider the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle. This trendy and refined gallery will immediately give your wedding the edge you are looking for!

Power Station

If urban is your style, holding on to your beau at a power station wedding can count as a big highlight! Who can say they got married in a power station? Not many, right! And besides, a blank space like this caters to a lot of personal input. Have a look at Battersea Power station for not only a unique venue but also a magnificent view on London!



After nostalgic and modern out-of-the-box venues, the next two are all about the thrill! Few can say they exchanged vows next to the remains of a T-Rex or Pterodactyl but if this tickles your fancy and you’ve always had a thing for Jurassic Park, hop on over to Newcastle and their Great North Museum where this is actually possible!

Shark Aquarium

Alton Towers (although not the first idea you might have of a glamourous location) offers something very special indeed. Couples can get married on-site at the resort (with catering and accommodation packages available) and have a real underwater-experience with a reception at their shark aquarium! If you’re brave enough, how’s that for an adventurous start!

The Circus

Move along tipi, here comes the circus tent! You! Entertainer at heart! Just picture a large circus tent with central tables and chairs for a magical and grandiose atmosphere. A real show of acrobats, trapeze artists, jugglers, magicians, it doesn’t get more exciting than that!

A Yurt or Arabian tent

For all of you Nomads, how about an open-air yurt in the country side or by the beach? For a full experience, decorate the yurt with matching ethnic elements, pick an exotic caterer and prepare your guests to travel with you to the far ends of the world! Perfect for an oriental-style wedding, as well as for couples looking to add a bit of exotic to their big day.

There you have it. Of course, this is just a small selection since there is so much out there! Maybe you are about to get married and have found your own unique venue? We would love to hear about it so make sure to leave us a comment!