If you have wondered for hours on row before attending a wedding yourself, you can probably underline the following: gift giving can be a complicated matter. What to buy? How much should I spend? If you are getting married yourself, you will have to think about it sooner or later. Do you ask for wedding gifts or is this considered inappropriate?
Future brides and grooms wonder whether to ask for gifts and if so, whether to include the gift information on the invitation. And let’s face it, even if we specify that someone’s presence is all we ask, we will still receive a couple of gifts.



One way of tackling the problem is to sign up to a registry. Nowadays you can make one through your favourite shop(s), even on-line. Six months before the wedding, make sure to sit down with your sweet and try to brainstorm what it is you might actually like or need. Registering for gadgets and 500-thread-count sheets can be great but deciding what to put on your list isn't simple. Our advice? Start with the stuff you love the most, add some necessities. Maybe you are in need of something practical like a new washing machine, linen or china? When registering, make sure the list is suitable for all possible budgets. Remember that your guests have probably put a lot of effort, time and financial expenses into coming to the wedding, especially if you are getting married abroad. However, don’t instantly shy away from bigger gifts either. These ‘’group gifts’’ might be what is currently missing in your house but what is out of your budget. People can join forces in purchasing a common, bigger gift. One of the reasons a wedding registry works really well is because it allows guests to pick something that suits their budget, as well as your personal choice.



  • Be clear: Include the address of your registry or shop on your invite. Some invitations come with additional smaller cards.
  • Start early! Create your registry 6 months in advance. This will give guests time to browse.
  • Don’t limit options! Give your guests enough options to choose from, and in different price ranges.



Money, the ideal gift and most often used to pay for a following honeymoon or future project. Re-decorating? A new kitchen? To ask or not to ask? It is a dilemma so many brides struggle with every year. How can I ask for a money gift without offending my guests? If you ask for money, remember that your guests will like to know where their support goes to. Not to be nosey, but simply because it pleases them to know what contribution they are making to the wedded couples’ life. So include something on the subject in your invitation.

This might be along the lines of:
Your presence at the wedding is all that the couple wishes for. However, if you want to give a gift, the couple will be grateful for a small cash donation towards their new future/house renovations/honeymoon/etc…

Or, with a little help from parents, Maid of Honour or wedding planner:
"for gift information, please call/email Sarah/Mrs. Roberts/Our wedding planner at ……", and have this person answer any gift questions on your behalf. If you find it embarrassing to ask for gifts or to discuss them with the guests, then delegating this task to someone else may just be your perfect option.

The preferred way of asking for cash in the UK is through a poem which will make the whole asking-business a lot less awkward:

  • We do not have a gifting list
  • Our house is set with nothing missed
  • We’d like to go on honeymoon
  • A place for us as bride and groom
  • We’re asking for a cash donation
  • To send us to our dream location


The best gift someone can give you is attend the wedding and share in the love. Remember however that for such an important occasion, your guests actually want to give gifts and will often feel reassured if they know that through a registry or money gift, they will be contributing to your happiness.