Bride andgroom on the beach

With Chris Rea : a sea of happiness for my wedding !

Listening to this artist’s sublime love song ... Wild, the beach is the most romantic place to marry andto be lulled by the lapping of water… Then bewitch your guests, make your sun shine, sail on happiness, surprise yourself, surprise us, bring stars and sequins to this moment, be crazy and share this wave of love ... A sea of happiness is before you!

Which ceremony on the beach ?

You can have a blessing or unofficial ceremony on the beach in UK, but it may not be legally binding.To make it so, you may need to have a legal civil ceremony performed in a registrar’s office (contactthe local authority for more information). A blessing or unofficial ceremony in addition to the official one is often appreciated by the guests, it enables them to express themselves and make a smallspeech. So you can listen to everyone you love!

Music lovers can also put on the music they appreciate : these few notes, combined with shells and the sound of the sea, will lull you and bewitch the guests, triggering this way great emotions ! Thismelody of happiness blowing on the ceremony, you will find yourself in a whirl of softness andlightness… Let yourself be carried away by this magic haze, and make everything to remember thisday as Chris Rea says in his song : "Forever in my dreams my heart will be, Hanging on to this sweet memory". During the ceremony, the world belongs to you, so fly away towards your wildest dreams ! Set sail for decoration !

The ocean as far as the eye can see certainly already decorates pretty much the scene ! But in order to make the decoration even more refined and to sail between well-being and escape, you may opt for photophores with coloured candles, for seashells with different sizes, or even for wooden chairs and tables decorated with flowers for a more authentic side. Try to stay natural, so that your decoration fits perfectly with the idyllic setting surrounding you and your guests. You can even propose an old wooden boat with bottles of wine in it for the sailors, or even fishing nets, for a 100% maritime atmosphere!

You may announce the seaside theme in your wedding invitation, such as model J3010 which will tell the magic of the place ! Feets in the sand, the wind in the hair andthe head in the stars, make your guests ride on the wave of love… Embark on a magical journey,navigate on the air of escape, dive into happiness, let your union sparkle and make the minds shine,the great sea accompanies you and propels you !