What colours for my wedding?

Romantic wedding in pink and white

Tender colours embodying purity, elegance and romanticism, pink and white evoke delicacy and refinement. This theme conveys reverie, escape, rose petals and summer afternoons in flowery gardens. With a shabby chic touch, we imagine powdered flowers on your wedding tables, balloons and an association with copper, nude or gold colours, which will illuminate pink and white. Colour of femininity, pink is also the colour of childhood, sweets, candy floss and marked with a certain nostalgia. Romantic, pink and white colours also evoke genuine lace. Think of matching your wedding stationery and in particular your wedding cards, with a chic lace wedding announcement for instance, or a powder pink wedding invitation.

Chic Lace Wedding Announcement


Green and vegetal for a natural wedding

With a return to the natural and vegetable trend, we have the green colour, leaves, eucalyptus and raw accessories to create a rural and natural marriage. Associated to white, green evokes nature, the garden, birds, butterflies, but also endless summer evenings. Wrought iron or wooden objects of decoration can be arranged to recall this natural side and this return to authenticity. Think of a green and white wedding invitation to match your stationery to your theme. For the bride, we imagine a plain white dress, and a flower wreath in the hair, for a bohemian chic spirit, country, with a vintage touch. The elegance of wedding decoration is reinvented with the use of neutral colors. Create a refined, delicate and light aesthetic atmosphere. If you want to break with the too wise or classic side, mix with brighter and more intense colours.


Plum and purple to warm up your wedding

Resolutely fresh and appreciated colours, the tones of plum, violet and mauve subtly dress your wedding decoration. These comforting colours bring a touch of realism and distinction, when combined with white, beige, ivory and cream, for more elegance. These tones evoke flowers, spring, butterflies and romanticism, like a fairy tale. They are also reminiscent of cheerful paintings with bright colours, a watercolour wedding announcement will be perfectly suited to these shades, for a vintage and pastel style. Accessorized with an elegant linen cord and on a beautiful paper, your wedding card will embody a very refined and distinguished retro spirit. In a completely different style, the plum colour, mixed with turquoise, will also be perfectly adapted to a Bollywood wedding theme, evoking travel, escape and music...


Mint and water green for a fresh touch

Very trendy, water green makes its big comeback in weddings. A fresh and luminous colour, it spreads its good waves in your decoration. It can be used on your wedding tables, in your dishes or by decorative touches. It can also be chosen for the bride and groom's car, for a vintage spirit. Modern colours, mint or water green create a heavenly atmosphere, holiday style and with gracefulness. Indeed, we think of the clear and transparent waters of tropical lagoons or mountain lakes. We also imagine an aquatic world, natural with a unique purity where nature runs between waves and marine currents. Water green is also the colour that heralds the awakening of the sleeping beauty... All femininity, this sweet colour blends gracefully with your wedding decoration, suggesting luxury, beauty, tenderness and the first emotions.

Vintage bride and groom's car


Fuchsia for an oriental wedding

When combined with night blue, the fuchsia colour is ideal for an oriental wedding, where spices, exoticism and the Arabian nights mix perfectly... One imagines the sublime Orient, the stars, the Arab music and the abundance of generosity. Magenta pink or Indian pink represent love, affection, connection, interaction, but also play and reverie. The bride and groom will have a fuchsia accessory in their outfit, and this bright and joyful shade can be arranged by touches in your wedding decoration. The fuchsia colour blossoms in spring and summer in the language of flowers : it is the colour of ardent love and passion. Think of an oriental wedding announcement, between luxury and refinement, made of arabesques, delicate Arab details, sumptuous creation papers, pearly reflections or even unique techniques such as silver or gold hot-stamping, to express the class and elegance of your Muslim wedding. Sparkling, a beautiful Arab wedding card embodies light, gold, brightness and brilliance. 

Fuchsia Oriental Wedding Invitation


Blue for a serene wedding

With many existing ranges, the blue colour joins in this festive day. Electric blue, navy blue, pale blue, sky blue, cyan, deep blue or turquoise blue, this shade is mixed with neutral tones and golden touches to enhance the atmosphere. Dream colour, it adapts to a classic wedding, but also to an oriental wedding. It inspires the sea, the mountains, the navy, the Orient, the sky, the fairies, but also Japan, for an Asian wedding. Turquoise, mixed with chocolate, inspires delicacy, Asia, a zen and delicate atmosphere. Navy blue and gold evoke the stars and the moonlight, romanticism in all discretion. In touches on your tables or at cocktail time, the blue colour joins your wedding as an enchanting interlude that opens horizons linked to dreams, wisdom, calm and serenity. A blue or a navy blue wedding announcement will announce this delicate theme.


Yellow for an inimitable intensity

For your industrial or rustic chic wedding, yellow will be perfectly adapted. Arrange small yellow candles in your black and white graphic atmosphere, fashionable pineapples for a tropical and very summer wedding, jungle style. At cocktail time, a lemonade bar will be sublimated by lemons arranged in glasses with graphic and retro striped straws. Colour of sun and joy, it brightens the universe and makes it shine...

Yellow Wedding