Gourmet wedding

History of gluttony

One of the 7 deadly sins, gluttony refers to a person generally defined as someone who eats with greed, who loves good food and someone who is eager to know, who loves. This shows the ambivalence of the term. So, gluttonous, greedy and voracious, or gourmet and gourmand? The common default expressed by these terms is that of eating without moderation. There are those who like to eat for pleasure but with discernment, those who always do it with pleasure but who control themselves less, and those who eat systematically and more voraciously, without the notion of pleasure.

Of all sins, gluttony is the most accepted and tolerated. Historically, food cravings or even "piggery", which means "lack of self-control", have always met with disapproval. It reflects the inability to behave in public in particular. Gourmandise, much more elegant, mingles with culinary arts and savoir-vivre. Thus, the pleasures of food have gradually been accepted by the Church, especially since many religious orders are at the origin of delicate recipes and refined dishes. Gastronomy is part of the geography, but also part of the culture of a country. Until the 18th century, gourmet meant the wine and good food lover. Eating in a gastronomic way also reflects the ability to talk about what you eat, hence the development of gastronomic literature about food. The history of gastronomy then became a culinary art very appreciated by all. It also reflects the soft skills and breeding and explores, in its relationship to the food table, the relationship to the divine and to cultural and social representations.


What delicacies in your wedding?

Throughout your wedding day, offer your guests a few refined delicacies that they will greatly appreciate.

If you leave the ceremony at lunchtime or for the aperitif hour, choose salty treats to accompany champagne or wine. A friendly moment, it will necessarily be even more pleasant with good things to eat. You can then opt for small delicate or unusual appetizers, or theme stands for your aperitifs. Thus, you will find salted macaroons, vegetable or fish verrines, mini salted tarts, bites of raw fish or shrimp, petits fours or toasts. This classic dinner aperitif has the advantage of pleasing the largest number of people for your wedding and is cheaper.

If you want a more original and creative wedding cocktail, you can choose stands that each of the caterers will host: an oyster bar, an Iberian ham bar, cut in front of your eyes, squid grilled on plancha in front of you or fried foie gras. In addition to being very refined, these stands will bring life to your wedding cocktail, like real entertainment. This option is more expensive, but it will fit perfectly into your wedding decor.

At snack time, your guests may be hungry. It is advisable to plan a snack that will allow you to take a break, but also to wait until the evening. Here, plan some very trendy stands and play with your theme so that these delicacies tastefully integrate your wedding decoration. Lemonade and straws with stripes for a vintage or bohemian wedding, cupcakes for a retro wedding in pink, powdered or gold tones, mini tarts for a country wedding or marshmallows and popcorn to give a retro touch there again.

In any case, adapt your delicacies to the time of day and to your decor or wedding theme.


Lemonade and straws



A gourmet theme for my wedding?

You can also choose a completely gourmet theme for your wedding. A crunchy theme, it embodies chocolates, candies and other sweets, such as a real source of inspiration for your entire wedding theme. Choose colours: chocolate will mix perfectly with pink shades, for a chic shabby chic wedding that is typically British, blue or pastel, for a delicate, innocent, sweet and childish spirit. Chocolate can also awaken a spicy atmosphere when combined with orange (chocolate and orange flavours also go well together) or red. These colours are ideal for a more exotic spirit, or an oriental or Indian wedding.

For a more energetic wedding atmosphere, opt for bright colours such as fuchsia and turquoise, and ask your wedding caterer to decorate their delicacies with these colours. Pastry and other delicacies are an integral part of your wedding decoration.


Gourmet wedding invitation

To match your gourmet theme, opt for a gourmet wedding invitation for extreme harmony and consistency. A beautiful chocolate coloured creative paper, for example, will be perfectly suitable. It will enhance the quality of this great day: it will give texture and relief, so that you almost want to eat it! Also consider putting a favour box in your guests' plates, along with chocolate menus arranged at regular intervals.

In any case, choose a luxurious wedding invitation to announce your wedding with refinement!



Chocolate luxurious wedding invitation