A remarried couple

After years of conjugal life, let’s get married !

After long years of living together, with necessarily "ups and downs", children almost gone from the family nest, some plans to continue this life together which can still reserve many good things, many couples decide to officialize their union by going to the registrar's office.

As a promise to continue on the road together, as a pride in having founded a pretty family, as a desire for romance after 20 years of conjugal life, the late marriage offers a lot of interest :

-      We decide of everything, (we also pay everything !), which is not the case when getting married young under parental influence.

-      We invite whoever we want, with the joy of having our own children to witness this event.

-      We organize the wedding that we like, intimate or grandiose, in a garden or in a castle, on a barge or in the village hall...


There is always room for hope

Single at the age of 35 or 40, you're getting hopeless. Bridget Jones, both feminine and masculine, one day fate makes you lucky. Single people used to be desperate, but nowadays dating websites have become a hope of getting married at an advanced age.

You have taken your time, built your professional life, you are independent, responsible, already well established, even owners and then love, the real one which gives wings, falls on you, so there's no hesitation :"we get married". Here comes the time to send your wedding invitations, to whom, how many? Big wedding with princess dress and dinner suit, or simple wedding with taste, it's up to you to see, but everything is allowed.


A new relationship, a remarriage

Creating a relationship within a stepfamily, getting married later, living a fairy tale when you would not believe in it anymore… so many good reasons to unite again. Once the failures and disappointments are gone, a remarriage should give you the impression that this is the first time.

A figure : 20% of unions are remarriages.

A rule : organize the reception that you want : in simplicity, cocktail-dinner style, rustic reception, or give preference to a big wedding, with a white dress, or even bet on a festive wedding with all the fancies and desires of which you dreamed.

Some pondering may nevertheless be necessary : choose your guests carefully, so that it shall not be a source of stress if your recent union is not accepted by everyone around you, and discuss clearly about it with your children.

You may be in your forties, your fifties or even more… The main thing is to make this ceremony a memorable, romantic moment, the culmination of a relationship based on true love and to bring together all the people you care about!