What theme for a fall wedding?

Why get married in autumn?

It's the end of summer. We forget the long hot evenings when time stops and lasts indefinitely. We forget the warmth of the beach, the sand, and the smell of the sea. Immersion in the new school year is already past. This other season that inspires us with other desires... Nature makes us see all kinds of things. It is coloured orange, yellow, red, vermeil. And other wonders. Why get married in autumn? A charming season with versatile and luminous notes, it is original and changes from spring or summer weddings. A season full of enchantments, autumn also has many advantages for getting married.

Getting married in fall, i.e. between September and November, will be a welcome choice for your guests, as it is unexpected and original. This mild season will arouse the curiosity of your guests and change the traditional weddings that take place in spring or summer. It is indeed a very inspiring season. Its flamboyant colours offer a very pretty palette to create a warm and delicate universe. Copper, natural colours, wood, brown, red and orange tones bring warmth and authenticity to your event.

Getting married in autumn also gives you more options and freedom to choose the date. First of all, at the town hall and church, more weekends are available and the administration is less congested. Providers will also have more opportunities, which will give you more choice. Therefore, choose the caterer that you like and that really appeals to you, you will have a lot of choice. You will also be able to rent a room or a place that you like more easily. This period being less requested and less appreciated, the organization of your wedding will be considerably facilitated.

Finally, a fall celebration is cheaper. Indeed, the providers' rates are much more attractive since they generally offer off-season rates. So opt for a more economical marriage !


Autumn wedding and rural theme

First of all, autumn inspires us with nature and authenticity. Still very popular in September 2018, the rural or country theme will be perfectly adapted to this fall season. For the centrepieces, one can quite imagine large glass vases with pine cones, acorns, dried orange slices or even country flowers in them. Choose wood, leaves, branches and chestnuts for your rural wedding decoration. This inspiring and authentic theme will also be the perfect opportunity to capture beautiful photos: photographers love them!

For your autumn wedding invitation, use natural and poetic materials, with kraft or recycled creative paper. Bet on this kraft-style and camel tone model, beautifully adorned in its center with a laser-cut heart with a trendy copper contour made in traditional hot-stamping. These tones also recall the warm tones of autumn, between authenticity and brightness. 


Vintage wedding invitation, cut heart in camel with lace


A wedding in the orchards

For a wedding in autumn, you can decide on a wedding in the orchards! To do this, find a place adapted to the orchard environment, such as an old barn or an old building. Wood, stone and exposed beams will perfectly match your wedding theme.

Apples remind us of the season, of course, and can be an integral part of your wedding. We also think of candy apples, and of this romantic and bewitching season. The apple also reminds us of our childhood dreams and memories. Among which Snow White and her childish universe...

You can also use apples for your centerpieces or in your floral arrangements. At snack time, opt for homemade organic apple juice to satisfy young and old, or for an apple pie that will keep you waiting until cocktail time.

What wedding invitation should I send this autumn? Here too, opt for a natural and bohemian wedding card that will be perfectly adapted to this warm and enchanting theme. 


Rustic wedding invitation, white lace/camel envelope & watercolour


Indian inspiration for my wedding

On a different note, Indian inspirations are also very fashionable this autumn, which  precisely reminds us of the Indian summer! The warm and bohemian colours perfectly match a warm wedding decoration in this mild season.

Which wedding outfit to adopt? For the bride, we imagine a crown of red, orange or yellow flowers, a touch of country. Be influenced by Pocahontas for your bohemian Indian-inspired wedding. Lace and noble materials are preferred. We can quite consider beautiful suede pumps made of fringes, and feathers in your bridal bouquet. For the groom, choose an orange tie or a country flower as a brooch on your suit. When it comes to decoration, you can also consider feathers, but also small glass jars suspended with orange-edged flowers or orange-coloured paper ball suspension lights. To this, you can mix copper or gold notes, which will perfectly adapt to the theme.

You can also have dream catchers, perfectly adapted to the theme while inspiring escape, travel and sensuality. Make your wildest dreams come true! A wedding arch will also evoke a traditional, authentic and tribal decor that recalls the ceremonies of the native American Indians, in the pure tipi style. Use this arch for your outdoor ceremony, for example, or to put a cosy photo corner in it. The Amerindian decoration leaves a thousand possibilities for decoration, such as pottery, succulent plants, geometric motifs or colours from the East and desert lands. 

Dream Catcher


And if you want to collect even more ideas, all in pictures, it is right here....