Summer and spring are known as the most popular wedding seasons. However, every season has its charm. And even though winter may not be the most popular season to get married in we’ve listed a couple of reasons why winter is a season not to put aside, especially if you are on a budget.


1- The gorgeous setting

Although many prefer the soft breeze of spring or the blossoms of summer, winter weddings have the benefit of offering a gorgeous setting. Just picture the snowfall, the pine trees, the fire place and the hot cocoa! You don’t really need a lot more to have beautiful wedding photos.


2- No need for a back-up plan

With everything covered under a white cushy layer of snow, you will be looking for an indoor venue. So no need for having a back-up plan in case of rain or a heat wave, you’ll be already cosy inside!


3- Plenty of choice

Since the season is low and you will not be competing with three other brides over the same day, you will have your pick when it comes to vendors or venues.


4- Attention and negotiation

Vendors will be more attentive in winter in comparison to spring or summer when they will have more weddings to think about. They will therefore have more personal time to answer all of your questions and look into unexpected possibilities. Also, most services (venues, photographers and sweet buffets to name a few) are prepared to offer a discount during the off-peak winter months, making a winter wedding perfect for those brides on a budget.


5- It is romantic

What better excuse to snuggle up than the weather? Besides, since it’s so cold, you can have a hot chocolate bar!


6- It’s stylish and comfortable

Brides will not be worrying about make-up running because of the heat and grooms will probably be a lot more comfortable in their suits as they would in summer. Furthermore, brides can now wear a cosy bolero or velvet cloak, covering up the sometimes self-conscious look of summer dresses.


7- The bouquet

Experiment with the bouquet since your fresh flowers of choice might not be in season. Want to know how? Have a look at our blog on bridal bouquets.


8- The Honeymoon

Just picture leaving the cold behind for some exotic place... Need we say more?


Having a winter wedding is often better value and there's more availability among suppliers