Release of red balloons

Valentine’s Day and Love

In the Middle Ages, every 14th February, the young men drew lots for their partner's name and had to tie it to their sleeves for one week, the duration of the festivities also known as the "love lottery". Later, the famous "Valentine" became the rider accompanied by the young lady who had chosen him. This celebration of lovers has had different symbolisms and traditions through various periods, such as the love message, hunting, birds (the beginning of their love season too), the cross and also Cupid. Marrying on Valentine's Day or choosing this theme for your wedding is therefore a strong and symbolic message.

Valentine’s day decoration for my wedding

If you choose a wedding theme with Valentine's Day tones, you can arrange red roses, chocolates, arrows, angels, birds or doves on the tables. Don’t forget to add some touches of red colour to recall the theme of love and Valentine's Day. Moreover this colour has a strong symbolism, since it is also associated with passion, sensuality and desire. Of course, for your wedding invitations, menus or table place cards, think of associating colours and opt for a red high-quality paper, which shall perfectly match the theme !

To get advice and see examples of red models, see our article « I want red for my wedding ». To be even more complete, Best of Cards has also created a special Pinterest board about Valentine’s Day, and also a « Red Wedding » board.




Symbolic animations

To perfect this day with magical notes, you can for example ask for a guard of honour where each guest will hold a red balloon in the shape of a heart. This animation can also turn into a release of balloons later in the afternoon or in the evening! You can also arrange a photo studio next to a tree on which will be hung a heart of red flowers, in which the guests will be able to put their heads for the photo! Raspberries can be slipped into the champagne glasses, for a very chic and aesthetic visual effect. Finally, choose a red car for your arrival, which will tell your guests directly what it’s about ! Whether you get married on Valentine's Day or not, this theme remains very symbolic for the bride and groom, and promises you a unique wedding, with enchanted and loving notes!


Red balloons