Winter Wedding and Christmas Inspirations

A fairytale place

A winter wedding opens on a pretty and sweet Christmas atmosphere.... Since reception rooms are often cheaper during this low season and unlike spring and summer, you may be able to choose a magical, grandiose, fairytale-style venue (castle, old house, exposed beams, stone walls, parquet floors, mouldings, etc.). A princess' place will necessarily make the moment more magical. If there is a fireplace, create a friendly atmosphere with armchairs and blankets for a cocooning spirit where your guests can enjoy a snack or a glass of champagne. If there is a small winter garden, use natural materials to enhance the wood, fir, pine cones, Christmas colours, for a warm winter decoration... 


Wedding pine cones


A winter decoration for your wedding

Indeed, the list of winter decorations for your reception place is endless! As mentioned above, choose Christmas colours such as red, green, white, gold or silver, but also very warm and trendy tones such as copper in your wedding.

For your table decoration, think of raw wood, pine cones, spruce branches, small golden candle holders, slates, cinnamon sticks, but also beautiful bright table runners, luminous, sparkling, starry, golden or bright. All this at once also works! Mixed with white, anything that shines will not seem "too much" in a winter wedding decoration. The golden or copper-coloured dishes and cutlery are also very fashionable again this year....

As for other decorations, think of festive hanging garlands, fake snow everywhere, cosy carpets in fake fur, rocking chairs or fake deer heads in Scandinavian decorative style to make the atmosphere very warm, cosy and mountain chalet style. You can also install holly for your photobooth: be careful, we all know what will happen if two people kiss each other here!


Small Christmas details in your wedding

As it's Christmas time, have Christmas market style red and white candies a little everywhere, small fir wreaths, fake hanging gifts and of course, a large Christmas tree! Put golden Christmas ornaments on it, but with a special inscription like Mr. or Mrs., or your first names, which will remind you that this is your wedding and a very special day. If you want to be complete, place your small guest gifts at the foot of the tree in pretty pockets or gift wrap, with a special attention for each one, and their first name of course. They will be very touched by this personalized and generous gesture.


Christmas and winter wedding details

A wedding buffet with the flavours of the season

At snack time or before champagne, serve mulled wine or hot chocolate via a small stand provided for this purpose, and nicely decorated. We can imagine flags with the words "hot chocolate bar", served in copper mugs, or "comforting mulled wine" served with an orange for presentation. Sow small pine cones here too, candles, and anything that reminds you of the warmth of winter. To present your desserts, use wooden logs and opt for a frosty or ice-cream wedding cake. The white colour shall be chosen to remind you of the snow, the purity of winter and your union. If you choose the traditional pièce montée, do not hesitate to add foliage, a few berries or a little holly. 

At cocktail time, think of festive appetizers, such as salmon, foie gras, dried duck breast, etc. You can also opt for verrines with onion or pumpkin soup. Adapt your menu to the season and the sweetness of winter...


Enchanting invitations and stationery for your wedding

Opt for chic and elegant stationery for your wedding invitation, which will perfectly reflect the quality of your winter wedding. White or red wedding invitations, gold or copper wedding invitations, quilted wedding invitations, brilliant and infinitely elegant details, choose the best in terms of quality. Red satin ribbon that evokes Christmas or a finely laser-cut heart with copper contours that inspires the warmth of the moment, your wedding stationery perfectly announces the purity and chic of this great day. A pretty bridal stationery also announces the natural and winter side. Opt for a high-quality and  creative model, adapted to your Christmas theme.





Bridal bouquet and winter flowers

For the bride's bouquet as well as for decoration, choose winter flowers that are truly adapted to the season. Roses of course, preferably red and white. We also think of ivy, camellias, pansies, Christmas roses, honeysuckle, moss or holly wreaths that will perfectly decorate your reception room or your wedding bouquet. The winter season can also be an opportunity to have a revisited chic country wedding as a theme. Delicacy, white flowers, poetry, pure countryside and dreamy strolls are part of the setting. Fine colours, candles that warm up the atmosphere, hearts too, the chic rural theme will go very well for a winter wedding. Opt for natural flowers, with delicate tones, which you can place in small transparent jars. The combination of the lightness of this theme and the more luxurious decoration will be very chic and elegant.


Wedding winter flowers