Getting married in winter is a great idea, and often underestimated as we mentioned in our last article. And when it’s getting cold outside, even the cosiest winter wedding can use some extra glow. There is nothing better than hot beverages to make this happen, especially after a long photo session in the snow! Since not everybody is fond or tea or coffee (children for example) we absolutely love the idea of a hot cocoa bar! Cocoa immediately gives you a warm and cosy feeling: like sunshine from the inside! Your guests will be delighted with a rich, luxurious choice of hot chocolates, not to mention all that comes with it!


All in all it is fairly simple. Important is to style the bar to reflect your wedding theme by using added accessories. You can take this as far as you and your budget are willing to go. You will go a long way will just a few items. For BOBs (Brides On a Budget) this is great since it does not need a lot to look great; some mason jars, some burlaps and some printable labels, and there your have it! The mugs, dispensers and add-onn’s will do the rest. Tip: A great idea is the “Baby it’s cold outside” theme; just add traditional winter items to your cocoa bar such as skates, a sleigh, gloves, fake snow etc.


As for the chocolate, be creative! Hot chocolate generally is made by adding milk chocolate to hot milk but you could also have your guests choose from dark chocolate, white chocolate, vanilla white, chocolate spoons, cocoa powder, salted caramel, Nutella… Use a coffee dispenser to keep everything nice and warm throughout the party with either ready-made chocolate, or hot milk and let your guests put in their choice of chocolate afterwards.

Add-inn and add-ons

Very important! What shoes and a bag do for a woman, whipped cream and marshmallows do for hot chocolate! This is the part where you can put all of your creativity into a mug! Marshmallows are an absolute classic! Go for different shapes and colours to add a bit off marshmallow-oompf! Feeling more creative? Go for small gingerbread houses or other cookies to put on top of mugs. Cinnamon sticks, peppermint sticks and pirouettes do not only add flavour, they also look tasty and are great to use as stirrers (We personally prefer the chocolate pirouettes because they get all chocolaty).

Others (but we admit, the list is endless):
-Whipped cream
-Chocolate sprinkles
-Caramel bits
-Peanuts (peanutbutter & chocolat work really well)
-Maraschino cherries
-Cinnamon powder
-Cayenne powder (for a spicy hot chocolate)

A little extra

How to make hot chocolate even better for adult guests? Add a small choice of alcohols to the bar such as vodka or coffee liquor. Some vodka brands offer dreamy flavours like Vanilla Whipped Cream (great with both dark and white hot chocolate), Fluffy Marshmallow or even Caramel! Fruity flavours such as Raspberry also mix deliciously with dark hot cocoa!

Wedding favours

Extend the theme to create wedding favours: little mason jars filled with your favourite cocoa powder, marshmallows and added goodies! Prepare in advance or let guests scoop their own by the end of the evening.

Whether you are using an old family recipe or a store bought favourite, hot cocoa is an absolute hit and a great alternative to coffee or tea for winter weddings!