Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about this website or are you looking for help? We would like to be of assistance and have therefore listed all our most frequently asked questions.  Please feel free to contact us if your question is not listed here.


Are envelopes provided with the wedding invitation?

- YES, click on "DETAILS" in the product description to know the details of what is provided with the invitation (envelop, accessories, etc.)!.



Are accessories (ribbons, strings, etc.) provided with the invitation?

- YES and NO, it depends on the collection it belongs to. Click on "DETAILS" on the product description to know more about it. If they are not provided with the invitation, any accessory can be add separately to the basket (your "More Accessories" section).


Delivery Details & printing costs:

- All your answers here.



I love one of the invitation but I would like a different coloured paper, or I would rather have gold instead of silver, is it possible?

- YES and NO, each model is made on a large scale to guarantee better prices, and can't be changed. It is absolutely possible that the invitation you're looking for is already available, you just have to see in the product description if other versions exist in the "Similar Items" section.
However, your text can be customized according to your needs, with the font and the printing colour you want (why not choose 2 mixed colours...). The invitation can be customized to your liking!



Here you will find the different steps to take if you want to order on

How do I order a personalised article?

  1. Select the item you like and make your final choice
  2. Click on the "Personalise" round, fill in the amount you need, then above on the "Enter my text" button
  3. Type your text as you want in the form with the help of the tool tip (the "?" next to the box) if necessary. It is also possible to attach a word or pdf document. In all cases, be assured that a professional artworker will send you your model with the write layout, according to your instructions!
  4. Choose your colouring and font
  5. Add any necessary details or suggestions concerning your layout
  6. Choose matching products (menu card, name card, gift label, favour box…)
  7. Fill in your promo code (if you have one)
  8. Make an estimation of your sending costs
  9. Click on “Proceed to check out” 
  10. Sign in or create a personal account to trace your order afterwards
  11. Read the information about sending and billing carefully
  12. Choose your type of delivery
  13. Choose your type of payment
  14. Carefully check your order
  15. Change or validate your order


How do I order a non-personalised (without wording) article?

  1. Select the item you like and make your final choice
  2. Click on the "order Without wording" round, fill in the amount you need and then above on the "Order" button
  3. Choose matching products (menu card, name card, gift label, favour box…)
  4. Fill in your promo code (if you have one)
  5. Make an estimation of your sending costs
  6. Click on “Proceed to check out” 
  7. Sign in or create a personal account to trace your order afterwards
  8. Read the information about sending and billing carefully
  9. Choose your type of delivery
  10. Choose your type of payment
  11. Carefully check your order
  12. Change or validate your order


How do I obtain a cost estimate?

Go through all the steps in the ordering process and stop before clicking on “Proceed to check out”. You will have an estimation of your order. It is still possible to go back and make modifications if you are not happy with this estimation.

How do I get my invoice?

Simply log in to your account, then go to "My Orders" section.

Click on the "View order" link, then, "Invoices" : you can get your invoice by clicking "Print invoice".


Sample cards:


How can I order sample cards?

You can order 1 or several samples of our models so that you can see by yourself the quality and final result of the invitation, and make the good choice. All you have to do is click on the "Order a Sample" round and then validate with the "Order" button. The price is £ 2.21 for each sample, and the delivery charges are free! We will send with the mail a promotional code to deduct on your next order (of a unique value of £ 2.21, whatever nomber of samples you received).
To make it easier in the future, all you have to do is create an account so that you can easily find the references when you want to make your definitive order.

When will I receive my samples?

You will receive your samples within 3-5 working days.


The Proof (PDF preview):

What is a preview?

A PDF preview is a model of your chosen item and text. It allows you to verify the text and layout of your article to make sure that you are absolutely happy with the way it looks before ordering.
Important: we remind you that you will be responsible for checking your preview so please do so carefully.

I have ordered something, when can I expect my preview?

One of our designers will send you your preview within 48 / 72 working hours after we have received your order (Birth cards) and within 2 / 5 working days for Wedding cards . Then confirm it or request a modification by email.
Please note that your 1st modification you make on your PDF preview implies a 24-hour delay (48h for the 2nd, etc..)

When should I refuse/ accept my preview?

You can refuse your preview if it contains any big mistakes (wrong font or spelling mistake in a name). Accept your preview if it is exactly the way you would like it to be or if it contains a small mistake that can be easily adapted. If your preview merely has a slight mistake, please add a commentary that clearly explains what to correct and how.

Important: If in the unfortunate event you have to you refuse your preview, please indicate why you are doing so.

I validated my preview when can I expect my order?

You can expect us to send you your order within 3-5 working days after having given us your printing confirmation.

I can’t seem to open my preview.

Maybe you do not have the program Acrobat Reader. This program allows you to open most of the documents available on-line. In that case you might need to download it first on the website of Adobe

If you already have the program Acrobat Reader but are still unable to open your preview, please contact us.

Why can't I print my "ready to printing" in colour?

We usually work with traditional pantone printing colours. Because of screen calibrations, you would not have the exact card colour on your computer. To evoid this problem, we edit each ready to printing in black and white mentioning the pantone printing colour we used.
You should note that it is not recommanded to read the ready to printing on your cellphone! You should rather use a PC or your tablet!

Do I have to validate my birth announcement preview if the baby is not born yet?

No. We advise you to wait until the baby is born to validate your preview and add all missing information as a commentary (date & time of birth, height and weight).


Other questions:

Will my order arrive completely assembled?

No, on arrival your order will not be assembled; this will be up to you. But don’t worry!  We will add an assembled model to each order of cards with a higher grade of assembling.


What does paperweight mean (example: 250 gr.)?

It concerns the paper thickness and is calculated in grammes per square meter. It helps calculating the final weight of a page, a flyer, a business card or a wedding invitation by multiplying the length (in meter), the width (in meter) and the paperweight.
For example, for a 10 cm x 15 cm x 350 gr.m² invitation, the weight of each invitation will be: 0.10 x 0.15 x 350 = 5.25 grammes.


How many items can I add to my basket during my final order?

As many as you wish from the required minimum (except for the end-of-series, because the number is limited according to the stock) and, for most items, in multiples of 5. These 2 datas are indicated on top of the "Enter my text/Order" fuschia button, on each product description.


Is it possible to personalise texts and photos?

Yes, our texts ideas are only there to help you create your own. Please feel free to modify them in any way. You can add your own photo there where you see “with photo”. If an item does not specifically indicate this, it is not suitable for photo printing.


Is it possible to change the paper colour or the accessories of a product?

Unfortunately not, it is only possible to personalise the text, colour and font.


Can I change the required amount of a product after having validated my preview?

Yes, please contact us as soon as possible to do so.