Rustic wedding invitations 
flowers watercolour/silky texture paper with linen

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Very trendy, this rustic wedding announcement J3459 will impress your recipients with its vintage and pastel style!

Made of a high-quality pure white matt 300g paper with a « silky » texture, surprising to the touch, with the back part smooth and without grain. Inside appears your personalized text on the smooth « grain-free » part with the pastel flowers watercolour-type design as a reminder.

On the left side the small 8x8cm card is perfect for an invitation to lunch, dinner or for a quotation or a dress-code. It is tied with the cord along with the front label (if no use, just throw it away...).

An elegant linen cord is used to attach the first names label (or your photo, both are possible) on the front. The two different labels proposed being on the same printing plate, they will both be printed automatically, it's up to you to choose your favourite when you receive your cards...

The assembly is to be done by you.

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Dimension closed card
155 x 155 mm


Including accessory
linen cord 32 cm
Including envelope
white "matte" 165 x 165 mm